Sunday, November 25, 2012

Facebooking as Gbenga Jones, pretending I understand the Israeli conflict by throwing out some cliches

  • Gbenga Jones Nigga please! I been cashbaiting long before those fuckers started firing rockets at each other. I'm rich biatch.

  • Gbenga Jones The first casualty of any war is the truth. Yes, I'm that asshole who says that.

  • Rafiq Aït-Saïd 1) how many Israeli civilians were killed this year by Hamas? 2) How many Palestinian civilians were killed this year by Israel?
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  • Rafiq Aït-Saïd Gbenga, Palestinians are occupied by Israels zionistic State. Zionism is a political movement and not a religious one. Zionism is anti religion
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  • Gbenga Jones @Rafiq . I hope they all die, the sand niggers and the dirty jews. And you too. HAR FUCKING HAR.

  • Gbenga Jones And you think that attacking one of the most advanced armies in the world supported by a super power will achieve anything except for the deaths of more people? Sensible dialogue would seem a better way to achieve anyone's aims.
    Alternatively, they could publish people's PI. That's a fun thing I always do.
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  • Rafiq Aït-Saïd Sensible dialog with Zionist leads only to more occupation and oppression.

  • Gbenga Jones There are none so blind as they who will not see. And yes, even I can't believe I reached into my cliche bag and pulled out that one yet again. So fuck dem jews. amirite.
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  • Gbenga Jones So your answer is to continue to kill people who have different points of view than yours? Tell the mothers who lose their children how you would prefer to kill rather than engage in discussions.
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    • Gbenga Jones I swear, I have better conversations with Tommy Tooter. That hobo has his shit together.
      I'm ALan James Watson, aka Big Al, aka Gbenga Jones, and I approve this message. I'm also a giant asshole in case you hadn't noticed.
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