Thursday, December 6, 2012

under the control of a site that I exposed

As far as I am aware I never did you any hard until you joined in with the Al bashing. Why did you start?

The sites tR, Amb and juot are in differing ways under the control of a site that I exposed as being run by scammers. I have closed own over 1,500 scam websites that lead back to them .

This is why they have mounted a smear campaign that you are involved in.
I work with many victims of scammers and I need their trust,how would one feel after being in despair maybe even contemplating suicide and then see the utter crap about me posted by the people who are supporting the scammers just for laughs?

Tthe scammers who I exposed and whose scam sites I close down are using you and others to dogpile on me and Tommy . We are victims.

Until you and the others attacked us we did not hurt you in any way as far as I am aware.

I have had 72 hacking attempts on my pc in a two month period and the logs show them coming from Kerala where soyl is.
The photograph that is being used is one that was stolen from my PC by a hacker . using a keylogger . I was compromised twice.
Strange how a self confessed hacker soyl is using that photo to impewrsonate me?

You ask why anyone says bad thi8nghs about you while you attack me and Tommy yet we had never done you any harm but we will defend ourselves form unwarranted attacks .