Friday, November 16, 2012

my diaper is overly full

Here is a copy of my message to Joe. You can clearly see there was NO threat. I am posting this as Joe sometimes says he was unaware that the photo was mine I have told him it is not mine many times.
Sorry. but by his actions I do NOT consider Joe to be reasonable at all. Unlike me, who is always reasonable.

Joe. I would much prefer to keep things on a friendly basis, but I will take whatever action is needed to protect myself from those who would seek to destroy my online reputation. Even though my reputation is already in the shitter and in all the years I have been whining about this there has never been one instance where I have been unsafe. I have a vivid imagination though.

I formally claim copyright over all my posts present and past whether on JUOT or any other website or blog.

I request that you take all necessary actions to remove and limit the appearance of my intellectual property, in accordance with the stated rules of JUOT and this included removing and restricting my property from being posted on JUOT via the network, specifically from Crunk times and anothermessageboard.

I ask that any and all references linking to or leading to any forum, blog or site that contains any of my personal details including but not limited to my name, address, PHOTOGRAPH or any other details about me NOT be removed from display on JUOT,

Furthermore, my diaper is overly full and I am getting a diaper rash.

I have been asked to check with you if you have registered an agent for the Notification of Claims of Infringement. I have checked with and cannot find any listed, as this may
not be up to date I am asking you if you have such an agent.

I am reluctant to go down this path and hope that as you have been reasonable and fair in the past this will continue. I sincerely hope that we can work together in a friendly and respectful manner

However I will take whatever steps I deem necessary to protect my self and my wife and relatives, regardless of the cost in time, money or effort.

This is NOT a threat nor a demand, but a request for your assistance in doing the correct thing by your members.

We are both mature adults and we should be able to resolve this matter as such. In the meantime I will continue to post other people's shit online because I have a double standard.
Thank you. AL.