Friday, September 7, 2012

the word JUDAS fits you very well.

You are the one who started posting confidential PM's not I. As for your threats, you have almost nothing about me, while I have a vast amount of your personal information and you know this to be true.

I sent a pm to you as a friend and you deliberately betrayed that confidence, this is a true measure of your character.

You seem a little upset that I did the same thing to you AFTER you betrayed my trust.

I too keep copies of everything, and you have upset quite a few people with your Judas type character and they have been happy to pass along information to me. You are not well liked by your peers.

Your information about me if real is vastly out of date, I sold my business years ago and the name was de-registered. so good luck with that one. However your information that I have is quite up to date.

You seem upset about me posting the name you used in your PM . How about I post your full name, address and other personal details?

You know that once I go after some one I continue, despite any opposition, as I have proved many times, All the opposition from eater and all the members of tR and AMB and Juot have not stopped me.

Do you want to go down that path? Your choice, it makes no difference to me.

I do not issue threats, but I will give you a warning based on your threats. If anything happens to my relatives or loved ones because of your actions then I will dedicate the rest of my life to find you. Laugh it off if you wish it will not make any difference.

Strange I have not mentioned any names of my Pals as you put it, so have not put anyone under the bus as you say.

But you carry on twisting and warping the truth, it matters not.

I have involved no one but you and I.

Why are you so upset anyway, you said you were in it for the laughs, so why are you taking it so serious? maybe it is a different story when some one stands up to your crap eh?

Yes the mentality of the ranter morons is fine for them when they are dogpiling etc, but is a different story when they are under the spotlight.

I saw what you did to Tommy, pretending to be his friend to draw him out and then stab him in the back. Are you proud of yourself for taking advantage of the trust of some one who had admitted to having mental issues? And for WHAT?

Just so you can show your peers on tR that you are one of the boys and will sell your integrity for admittance into their private area as you state in your pm.

I got news for you, their private area is not worth it. It is a load of crap in there.

Yes the word JUDAS fits you very well.

"Many a true word is spoken in jest." Look it up Chandy baby.

By the way Chandy why are your ISP's kicking you off their systems?

Soyl, how many of your friends have you hacked?
I wonder how they would react, if they really knew what you intend to do with their personal information and that of their families.

I see that some of the private members on ranter, were less than impressed with you, when you posted a photo and other personal details IN PUBLIC that you took from the ranter private area. I thought that the private members were not allowed to do this.

Shows how much your pals can trust you, and puts a question mark on what you are doing with their private information from the hacking you are doing on your pals PC's.

Soyl how is the hacking into your friends websites going, Laughing at them are you?
Not a bad little system you have there, but it is no match for the forces arrayed against you now.

Soyl remember me saying about you being similar to Col Gaddafi? Well many of his supporters also left him, even some of his generals, and they brought with them a lot of information. Remember me talking about some admins leaving eater recently. How much information do they have and how much are they bringing to the eater opposition? LOL.

The year is already beginning to change.