Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I do not approve of troll sites like trollvalhalla, except when I am posting on one with the name Thor

Hi randommosaic. You may find it a little lonely,  as all the other ranter noobs ran away.

Something of interest for you to check out.
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Interesting post you made on AMB.

So, I'm spreading my random goodness all over the place lately. I went to to see if it was the hobo fest I was led to believe. I think it could be designed a lot better, but not a horrible distraction. I've been to JUOT, Not my bag, but it's a decently sized forum at least. The Ranter has it's charms.
I want MOAR! I think i'll go set up shop at troll Vahalla or one of the other poser troll holes I've heard of and spread the word about our beloved AMB.
Any suggestions for my proposed missonary work?

Lets say I know of you and your partner.

Your other half of course.

What do you think of Max's lying to the AMB and network  members?

Good to hear,  but I was never a member of the posse. How about your slapping of TT who has an admitted mental problem.  Is this just?  Or is it just to be in with the peer group?

As a long time senior member of AMB, by your posting you support Max and the lies he propagates.

You have not read the many posts where he lies about closing down AMB? I do find that odd.

Please take the time to go to the link I provided (it is safe) and see some of the other lies he posts.

@randommosaic. While it is true that you have not been so vitriolic towards TT as others.

 The fact that you are a super mod on AMB and you DID post bad things and joined in with the attacks ( I can check back but it would be waste of my time, unless you want to deny them) indicates your acceptance and support of the way that the AMB members have acted towards a member, who ADMITTED early on that he had mental problems is despicable.

The mental state of TT was also pointed out to the members by another long time member,  but it did not fit in with the lust for posts and a victim, so it was also ignored.

When a site dogpiles on a member with mental issues for their own amusement,  then it is beholden on the staff to stop it.
 This was NOT done, so the staff are also culpable.

No you did not troll me nor any of my friends as far as I can remember. Acquaintances yes.

 You allowed bullying to take place as a super mod on AMB and went along with the lies posted by the owner.

The site is not , as far as I am aware classed as a "troll" site it is a general topic site. IE a "message board"

I agree it would make sense to stop the person posting for his own good.  Maybe the AMB supermod could explain why they did not do this ?

 The members of AMB have (along with their network pals) dogpiled on him in an extremely bad way just for their own amusement.

 I thought that it should be mentioned, when a super mod from that site joins TV, so we are aware of the nature of the site that a new member is a senior on.

My question here is, why is someone on a forum discussing their mental state?

One must remember that the said member HAS self confessed mental issues,  so it is not surprising that he says things like this. This however is no excuse to take advantage of his problems for AMB's gain.

Can I come and watch?

No need, the bouncing boobs and the avatar got my attention.  :w00t:

:doh: SKYPE?? Where did that come from ? :onoudidnt:

Weird,  I mention the bouncing boobs and avatar in YOUR posts and you associate it with Hades? :dunno:

All is forgiven . i could never stay mad at you. :hug3:

I do  not use IM. Did you mean PM?

I like your boobs more. :hyper:

You talking to me? >:D

HMM have you got a wide angle lens I can use? :happy0034:

Thank you for now posting the truth. :happy0034:

There has been no witch hunt.  Just a search for the truth from a site that posts continuous lies and slander without any proof.

I do not hate you. However I do not like the site you are promoting due to many reasons.

You mentioned a witch hunt, as I said there was none,  if I wanted to do one, I would have elaborated on  the fact about AMB actively supporting known hackers and scammers and how they ban any who expose them. Thereby assisting the fraudsters to scam innocent victims out of their life savings.
There are many things that AMB do and I am surprised that as a supermod you are not aware of them and actually promote AMB.

Party pooper. :))

Why thank you. I will take that as a compliment.

I thought you were from a troll site? yet you run away as soon as the truth is talked about.

Sorry randommosaic  but you were outed and ran away  like the rest of the morons who thought they could troll valhalla  BYE. :wave:

LOL.  TheRanter folk could not troll the skin off a rice pudding. Quite a few came here to make a name for themselves, but ran away squealing with fear.
   They were SO PWNDED.

I  hear that if you join theRanter and ask to become an admin they will change your user name color and give you admin permissions, so you can gain access into their three private area's and see all the personal information about their senior members, who were stupid enough to put it all in the private section.
  Is this true? could, ANY site be so stupid as to actually do this? :lmao2::lmao2::lmao2::laugh0188::laugh0188::laugh0188:

"Nothing but a bunch of PWNDED losers and homos from what I saw." :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Ranter?  :booyah:TV dun whupped their ass.

This usually indicates that some one is leaving.

You say you only tell the truth ? Where have I ever said anything about not allowing you on this site?

Why are you trying to mislead people?

And Saint Lucifer loves Americans and thinks Canada should be a part of America.

The question is a simple one. Why are you avoiding it? you accused me of  " rallying them not to allow me on the site because I'm a steady member here"  Please show where I said anything about not allowing you on the site. After all you say you only tell the truth.

So you agree that you posted a lie on AMB  as I never mentioned anything about  not allowing you on this site.
I trust that you will now amend your post on AMB to correct this lie.

I would appreciate you not putting words in my mouth or stating that I am saying things that I never said.   Like I have stated, there has been enough lies told on AMB.

I think you should remove the lie, post a retraction  and as a mod be more responsible in what you post, once you step out of the protection of having the mod buttons on AMB, then you are vulnerable to being asked to justify any lie you post.

  As a supermod you should not be doing this in the interest of goodwill,  but as the correct thing to do for a person of integrity and to correct a misleading post made by you.

I agree. I have no problem with anyone joining as a genuine member,  but I will not idly stand by and let lies be posted about us on other forums.

If someone comes on TV with the main intention of spamming us for the benefit of AMB or other sites (as admitted),  then they need to be prepared to back up their actions.  The members on TV are entitled to know the facts about any site that is promoted on here.

I have not had any dealings with Stephen Colberts so I will not comment on what he does.  I am familiar with the actions of the AMB staff though.

Your other questions are not worth an answer.

Probably a wise move. :yes2:

Well it seems that randommosaic did some good on ranter,  so welcome to TV.   Now stop slacking and get poasting. :happy0034:

Nah this does not mean we are engaged or anything. :poke:

REALLY???  :whistle:

The last threesome I heard about was from a guy who went to a club to pick up a woman but the selection was low. When it was nearly time to go, as a last resort he hooked up with a 59 year old woman thinking it was better than nothing.

She took him home and they started to get it on when she said  " you are a bit of a goer how would you like a 3some, a mother and daughter, all together with you? he thought this had merit so said yes ok .

 So the woman went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up to the bedroom and said.

For a moment I was going to ask you what sort of sexual perversion required a bucket of clams . But on re-consideration, I think I will refrain from going down that path. :dunno:

I was talking about AMB who only recently admitted they were a troll site.

TT has many times stated he is taking weed for his mental issues .

About time you got here you slacker. And leave our women alone. :happy0034:

Oh thats ok you can have those women.

Can you slow down a bit on the poasting though?  We find it hard to keep up.

I did hear that ! :poke: