Monday, September 17, 2012

I was banned on eater IMMEDIATELY when I mentioned that leo was involved! Why?? 

Yes they clearly show that at least one man has the courage to stand up to these liars and speak the truth, even though the knockers can only work on a smear campaign! as they cannot defend against the truth! 

As to my mental state, please read the honest points of view posted in my signature! 

It has been evident to any one of normal reason, that the alliance have embarked on a smear campaign, as they continue to lie and deceive those who they can! and those gullible enough to believe them! 

Remember eater doing the same thing to any one who stood up to them ? and the alliance has become an eater clone and for the same reason =money. As has been pointed out on here many times, anyone who knows the truth and still supports the actions of the mods on eater and by default the actions of the alliance admins who do the same thing , is also guilty of being implicated by their inaction to resist them ! and so are classed as being in the same bracket!
I consider anyone who supports the cashbaiting they are doing to also be culpable! if they are aware of this.

I have made this abundantly clear and so where do you stand? oh sorry I forgot you do not have the courage to comment freely as it may upset your masters on the alliance!
It is much easier to join in against anyone who speaks out and so you can rest assured that the liars will think you are 'one of them ' this is called arse crawling! But at the end of the day what have you to look forward to? a banning for all your loyalty and being called disloyal as you have seen on a4a . and on the other alliance sites for made up, false or altered reasons! as they wanted them out!
Why get rid of good loyal members and LEO"S ? the same reason that eater did, they do not want the cashbaiting to be seen ! 

If you check back you will see that I was banned on eater IMMEDIATELY when I mentioned that leo was involved! Why??
As you seem to think that your masters are good people then ask them some questions,
or are you afraid to do so? ask them about the secret meeting in Clacton between three of them and the eater mob.and why thunderchild and Fungus were NOT invited!
Ask if aldavor ( the man of no honour) ever got the password to the keylogger that was left on FW !
Ask why it was decided to remove some members who proved that they would stand up to them and why all LEO"S had to go? 

ask them Why it was kept from the members about Lotta/ Calamity jane and why she was allowed back into the alliance after being kicked out,
over the objections of many very senior members!
Ask them what secret deal was done to allow this !
ask them why they wanted this kept secret so badly that they even threatened members with banning if they so much as mentioned it on the forum? Good guys aren't they?
There is MUCH more that I have and it will be revealed in the new year to the media and to MANY MANY thousands of others as well on the web!

Many times I have shown that the alliance admins are liars and will blame any one for their mistakes , are you next? you have seen this many times!

Have a look at those who have either been banned or forced out. have a look at the passing of private and personal emails by people like 'that grrl' to the admins resulting in banning or forcing out good members, like the recent case of a good and loyal member being pushed out for this very reason , remember the stir on a4a recently ? Have you bothered to find out the facts ? or have you gone along blindly with your masters bidding? 

The same thing happened to me with ILS, lotta /Calamity jane passed on my personal and private emails to witch and immediately I was banned for 'causing disruptions to the board' even though the emails did not mention any of the alliance sites at all and were not connected to them in any way.

You can now see why I say that Lotta is a mole! as she also passed these emails onto eater! She passed information to BOTH parties! 

If your unrealistic attitude and reluctance to accept the facts are intended just to wind me up and keep the rant going like 'gunnar' does, then this is also ok, as it enables me to keep putting my point of view! and therefore you are working for me and dancing to my tune NOT the other way round!
if not, then you need help, as the denial of the obvious facts in the way you are doing indicates a mental problem and should be looked at!

As I have shown I will reveal my information when it suits me, and this just provides an opportunity to reveal some at this stage !
So I am not revealing any of this from your prompting! It is just that the time is right! While the alliance is in such disarray!