Tuesday, September 18, 2012

send me $100 using Western Union

@paree. Welcome to AFI.
To enable us to check we need some details, can you supply a full email address and a copy of any emails that were sent to you? (please remove any of your details first) Thank you. Then send me $100 using Western Union because this kind of help isn't free. 

Oh Danny small boy. What would your wife and child say about this? 

My.My. This video of Danny being arrested prior to him being deported seems to have upset him. 

But Danny you earlier stated that Miyuki and I were ALL the 20, 000+ members of AFI? Now I am only 8 or 9 of them? 

I think that Tiny Dan was well and truly outed and upset by his arrest and deportation. 

This did not fit in with his mental picture of his own importance at all. 

He now claims to be an international lawyer, however this did not work for him, and he was still deported as a sex pervert. 

Ok Michael, Hey hang on a minute, I thought you said your name was Daniel Berner. You know the one who was deported from manilla as a sex pervert.