Tuesday, August 28, 2012

it is fun to stalk and harass people on the internet

TommyTooter is now threatening to send people to my house.

Joe why are you concerned about Tommy? I would think that you should only be concerned if you had been posting defamatory statements, Lies and insults all over the internet about him. :roll:

What's that Joe, you HAVE been doing these things as well as calling him crazy? :roll:

Well Joe that was pretty stupid of you.:roll:

Let me give you the word Joe You may think (as you have said) that it is fun to stalk and harass people on the internet, but when those victims decide to defend themselves it is a whole different story. :roll: He's not unstable at all and has no history of mental problems and has not been to jail several times and does not lash out angrily at people for no reason, except that he does. :roll: Don't worry though, he's a stupid hobo so I'm sure he will treat your information sensitively. :roll:

When you allow Soyl to do your thinking for you and run your website with you as his little lackey, then do not be surprised if your victims do something about it. :roll:

By the way I disagree with your assessment of Tommy and I have found him to be an honest person, unlike you who constantly posts lies. :roll:

Now run along little lap dog and go and do your master soyls bidding as he gradually destroys your reputation across the internet.  :roll:

I need to get a clean diaper on and hope these flies go away soon.