Sunday, August 26, 2012

I am a retired cashbaiter so you cannot threaten me

As you have said many times your Pi is freely available on the internet.


There's more where that came from. You are already allowing my Pi in the form of a stolen photo to be posted ON YOUR WEBSITE, despite me telling you many times that I have not given my permission for it to be posted. Joe, what is good for the goose is good for the Gander, remember that.

Unfortunately for you, you do not have any more of my PI to post. However I do have lots of your Pi including your relatives PI I can post or give to others.
So if you want to threaten me and go down this path go for it. I know who will come out with egg on his face and it will not be me. My email is common knowledge, after being posted by those hackers and scammers you support so there is no leverage there for you. My photo has been abused on your website so again this is no further use to you and your threats . So if you like bring it on, I have LOTS of info that I have not passed along as yet.

As I have said many timers I am a retired cashbaiter so you cannot threaten me with sending things to my employer, however some are not so fortunate and do have Employers. I can send a big nigger over to your place to shit in your coffee pot and wipe his massive black cock on the drapes too.

Joe, as you say I sent you I think ONE photo, showing a woman and her breasts, as this has been posted on a few sites and not removed and it only showed breasts, I would not consider it to be porn. And I am sure that as an adult you would not be offended by the showing of breasts. Be glad I didn't send you the fisting videos or scat porn that's currently clogging up my hard drive. Those will make you vomit last week's breakfast burrito through your nose. (In fact, you should film that if it happens, there's something called nasal porn I'm getting into.)

You seem to be in denial about what the hackers and spammers you support are capable of, so I sent you the photo to prove that what I was saying was true. many times you and others seem to ask for proof, yet when it is supplied then you deny it. There are more disgusting chopped images that they have done, but I did not send you them. I have these disgusting images because someone else made them, and I got them, and I send them to people to prove someone else is responsible for them. That makes sense, right? I have these pictures to prove somebody else made them.

Makes sense to me.