Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Even more facebook fun with Tommy Tooter, the hilarious harassed hobo

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    • Gbenga Jones Here is proof that sites like anothermessageboard.com where firesbreath posted are stalking and harassing Tommy
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    • Gbenga Jones This was posted by a member called " Jesus H Christ " aka Gunnar rea" I am copying and pasting it, so it is verifiable proof. I would never alter the original.
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    • Gbenga Jones ‎"That's one way, but it's doomed to fail - if Tommy has already received info then he's going to keep using it, he doesnt have the control not to - Whoever he's receiving it from may also supply it to others if he feels threatened or thinks its going to make us more annoyed HAR FUCKING HAR

      A possibly more reliable way, is to taint what he has making it useless. If he receives something anonymous claiming to be from a disgruntled ex-AMB/Ranter etc, full of details, some of which he can check but in no way relating to anyone here, then it really should fuck up his fun. Max/Warhawk can ban him for posting any of it to show it's authenticity, we can cry out every time he uses it, whilst at the same time laughing at him for using it. HAR FUCKING HAR

      For the people's info that he already has started using, the info should also contain a bit of that so that it has the taste of authenticity

      It's an idea. I might create my Mrs being pissed at me for cheating and has now started a smear campaign against me. Send him some fake details and pics etc HAR FUCKING HAR
      Nobody tell Alan James Watson because he will go to Facebook as Gbenga Jones and post this and people will be sympathetic to Tommy."
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    • Gbenga Jones more was posted about harassing TThomas Jay Wasserberg.
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    • Gbenga Jones ‎" Originally Posted by Scrotemonkey View Post
      If Tommy's banned when you return you owe me 50 bux. If not, I owe you 5.
      How the fuck does that work out????

      I tell you what, if Tommy is not banned upon my triumphant return, then YOU havent been doing your job properly!

      Now get your lazy spotty ass in gear and start drumming up some hobo lies!"
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    • Gbenga Jones Clear proof that Tommy is being stalked and harassed by some of the members of AMB. None of that is made up.
      You can believe me because I am using my completely real Facebook name and picture. I am not Alan James Watson, so just put that out of your mind.
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  • Gbenga Jones abuse@facebook.com should get a response from FB.
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  • Gbenga Jones Firesbreath seems to think that his real identity is unknown . 
    He is in error. Just like I think no one knows I am Alan James Watson because 
    Gbenga Jones is a completely realistic name .
    6 minutes ago ·