Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LOL I sent Joe's PI to Tommy Tooter so he can harass him HAR FUCKING HAR

Congrats Al... TommyTooter is now threatening to send people to my house.
Understand- I hold you PERSONALLY responsible now for any shit Tommy does to me or my home, my pets, my family, etc...
YOU created this mess- I suggest you BEG tommy to forget you ever gave him my info or else YOU will be in the situation I am in now.
NOT a THREAT. Just explaining how it's going to be.
Don't bother banning me- I have nothing else/left to say.

Another threat Joe, and from a staff member of vbulletin no less. Boy they must be real proud of how you are single-handedly destroying their good reputation.

Joe, several times I have offered to work things out with you but you ignored me and you continue to allow hackers and scammers to sucker you on your own website. So YOU are totally responsible for your actions and any consequences from them.

Joe you ban people to stop them from saying the truth and then you post lies about them on the internet, then you openly THREATEN me and post more lies about child porn. what a good representative you are for Vbulletin I am sure they appreciate being maligned by you.

You post what you think is my real name and details but as I say, you have been badly suckered and taken for a total fool by those hackers you support on your website. I would have thought that by now you would have woken up to how they are playing you, but I guess you are too stupid to see it.

For this I feel great pity for you, but it is your free choice if you believe the lies from those who are confirmed liars and you are dragged into playing the fool for their little games. Maybe they will give you your own little dog collar so they can drag you along by your leash, as they all laugh at how they have scammed you and made you their tool.

They are pissing themselves laughing at you, as you feel the heat for their actions as they have successfully made you into their lackey.

You are responsible for your own actions, so do not complain when they come back and bite you in the ass.

Have a nice day Joe.

Yes, I shit my pants again.