Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cybering with Tommy Tooter again

  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg it's pretty sad what's happened to occupy everywhere. the neo-liberal fascists are running everybody off who they can't get to conform with their versions of political correctness. all the indie arts people i know anywhere have blown it off. i don't think my chicago friends ever bothered with it at all.
  • Gbenga Jones Sadly there are many morons who do things for their own agenda and not for the common good. Dude you are a good person surrounded by a lot that are not in the same class as you. Take care for the world needs people such as you.
  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg you don't know my friends gbenga. many of them are very honest, dedicated people who humble me with their friendship. a lot of the older ones have taught me a lot over the years and some of the youngers will surprise you with their wisdom, too.
  • Gbenga Jones I think you know that I am not talking about your friends but those whose only joy in life is to defame those who do the right thing. oops, just shit my pants.
  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg please let us not even diminish the spiritual level of the language exchange in my status updates to give such churlishness so much as one more kilobyte of text shared into facebook frame jobs, steve=1?=y!/?,) you [F5
  • Gbenga Jones I dont know what the fuck you're talking about there, what is that? Did you just drop acid or something you fucking hippie?
  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg kjhsdflkn sdflkns;dfalkn][pkgasknsdfasdfgh
  • Gbenga Jones Jesus Christ, why do I even bother? This shit is pointless. You're nothing but a stupid hobo who knocked a baby out of a stroller trying to get away from the cops. What the fuck?
  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg no man, i was trying to catch the guy who was selling weed, he had some dank nug that i wanted. plus i was high on crystal meth that day so it wasn't my fault, now suck a dick you squinty cahbaiting motherfucker aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jlsklfa;lkjiojfwesdsdfasdnjlksnjfu8iok mnjbhvgftyuijknhbgyuiojlknjhgyt6 78ikjhbgyuijlkm,kjiolmki98uijk