Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest post by crazy Tommy Tooter

thanks for inviting me to do this big al. i'm crazy tommy tooter, the whistleblower. i asked the family to intervene on behalf of the local circle. you're in it or out of it as you choose. i have said nothing to drag you into this, yet you are scolding me when he's trying to drive a wedge  through you and mike.

my neck is out farther than i like in this whole thing. if you are
paying attention, you will see that i'm not the only person from
austin talking this way about him and by the look of it, he leaves
little festering wounds wherever he goes. he's stated his intention of
coming back here ready to fight with anybody who calls him what he is
instead of what he's deluded himself to believing he is.

he's a dishonest passive/aggressive predator and parasite. peace,
love, woodstock and fair distribution of wealth are just his buzz
words and are just talk he doesn't walk.

there will be family intervention in this or the state will intervene.
it doesn't matter to me.  just that he doesn't get within striking
distance of me screaming, i don't give a shit what happens to him or
where. one complaint and i'm going to the judge with his ex-old lady
and two other people (emmy says she is clean and sober right now and
has had no contact with him for months.  she says any recent contact
he's talking about is bullshit).

if there is nobody to help restrain him when he brings this into my
face, he won't even see what hit him when he realizes he might die. i
hope i'll be able to disable him without killing him. i'm a defensive
fighter. i only know fatal strikes.  i've never hit the turkey. i
don't use my hands for that. driving his nose into his brain,. driving
my fingers through his eyeballs, cracking the larynx, stuff like that,
but only when protecting myself from somebody with deadly intent. i
probably pushed him back off me if anything and his buddy willis,
knowing what i would do to him if he kept coming at me, restrained
him. it was all so stupid and long ago, the only thing i remember was
that i fought off the urge to beat him with the bean pot and dumped
them on his driver seat.

that's when he called the cops to try and get me arrested for it. they
were amused the first time, but the second, they very firmly told him
that i had not committed any crime and to stop calling 9-1-1 with such
stupid shit or they'd take him in the next time.

because the police are prejudiced toward me and have snagged me a couple times a
year between 2006 and 2010, the doctors and judges are all aware that
i prefer to use marijuana for the tranquilizer and mood stabilizer
everybody agrees that i need to keep from hurting people who threaten
me the way you do. so long as i don't have any episodes of hypermanic
inappropriate behavior, i get left to my own devices which can be
quite lucrative once you get a grip on that  'energy' that makes you
act like ratzo rizzo running in circles getting nothing done.

i play music a few hours most days in front of a very lively and
generous audience. i have bands starting to ask me if i'd like to play
some with them. i have women hitting on me.  i spend several more
hours cutting and mounting stones and some on the internet. i just
bought a stone on ebay for less than 20 bucks that's going to be worth
at least $5,000 once i put another 20 or 30 bucks worth of gold around
it. no telling what added value there will be for my artwork. i just
got 5 bucks worth of opal rough that is cutting into 5 or 6 $50

i eat of of dumpsters so what the fuck do you expect?