Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here is YET ANOTHER lie

*Joe I sent you a BM*

*Incorrect you did NOT address the allegations, but ran away and refused to talk to me" Here is YET ANOTHER lie by you*

*No, some day you will realize that facts cannot be altered regardless of time passed or what you say*

* yet you say "I did lift all non-spammer bans on JUOT" now you say my ban was not properly lifted *

* I clearly told you many times that the photo was of me, why you even state that one of the reasons you banned me was for reporting such things to you*

 *I have never sent you any pornography as you are very well aware and this lie by you clearly shows to what low depths you have allowed yourself to sink to. be very careful Joe as two can play this sort of game*

*Interesting to see the copies of my posts and partial copies that he is posting that show you in a bad light, he removes some of the damaging facts for others, but he posts that which shows you as a liar. Why is this Joe? *

* Maybe when they were closed down and had to pay for another host and re install everything, they may have disagreed with this statement. I notice you did not mention the other site that is still closed down.*

Joe I was, as I had stated willing to work with you to reach a sensible agreement, but by posting yet another blatant lie and falsely saying I sent you pornography, you have shown me that you are indeed a low life scumbag who is devoid of any honour. A low life like you deserves no mercy and it is obvious that you are a coward and a liar. It is becoming clear that you have given in to the hackers and scammers to save your own skin.
I feel great pity for you, it is a shame to see a human being descend to such low depths.

Now I just shit myself again. Thanks, asshole.