Monday, December 9, 2013

More GEMS.

It seems to be from a scammer using a French cell phone company. It could be a good idea to ban his IP.
If you can give me his/her IP I will do some further checking.
A copy of one of the scam emails is below:

Unbelievable! I have been searching for complaints about AFI, and among the many complaints about banning, misrepresentations and outright incompetence I found this Gem.
Pure comedy gold from De Master Yoda! Our daily entertainment has arrived.

More GEMS. Of wisdom from De Master Yoda.

I remember the AFI staff saying quite emphatically that nothing was hidden! yeah right!

It went a little bit quiet but is now growing again. :thumbsup:
I hear that if you join and do ten posts quickly invisible nude maidens will come at night and dance for you and then change your Depends and wipe your ass!

Well it was worth a try!
But you can join and help the site grow and see what is happening there. :agreed:

Lots of FREE goodies . So get to posting! Santa clause has come early at

A new winner has just been announced on No it was not me but another one of my duals, Gbenga Jones. :thumbsup: