Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am retired and financially quite well off thanks to cashbaiting

Lesson number one, when in a hole stop digging!

Falsely calling me a troll will not result in making me a friend. If the truth hurts then alter your actions.
If you do not speak out against the injustices of the AFI support staff then you are classed as supporting them.

If you support the actions of unethical staff members then you are complicit in their guilt.

I think we should include Joe D in this axis of evil. It is patently obvious that they are totally unethical, incompetent morons.

Credit and kudos has been made for the help that AFI support staff give to customers.

Unfortunately the lies, propaganda, protecting of unethical staff members, The sarcastic comments against anyone who posts the facts, the bannings , the alteration of genuine posts, the deletion of genuine posts etc etc, overshadow any good that the support staff have done.

When the support staff do the right thing and set the record straight, then we can all move forward in a respectful manner.

I have seen no move in this direction, only more insults and utter crap posted by the AFI support staff.

The mentality of the support staff and their almost unbelievably stupid comments leave me to shake my head in bewilderment and fart and piss uncontrollably.

Tell me honestly, why do the AFI support staff think that acting like arrogant morons will endure them to their customers?
Sorry but I just cannot understand the logic of the mindset of the AFI support staff.

I am retired and financially quite well off thanks to cashbaiting, so I do not rely on an employer for my income, however as I see it, the support staff DO rely on the money from AFI or the income from doing work on sites to feed their family, so why for crying out loud do they then jeopardize this income by behaving like pratts?

Some valid points have been made. However I feel that in some ways the "employer" "contractor" thing is a red herring.

The problems of the AFI support staff members are more to do with their actions towards their customers and members. This they seem to be avoiding.

Being in continual denial of the facts will not help them to recover nor to mend their ways.

Their delusions that they are somehow superior to their members is foolish and will (has already) work against them.

Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal, sadly I am just a failure.

So you are trying to say that information gathered from forums that the normal member does not have access to does not influence or colour your judgement when you post?