Thursday, December 19, 2013

For over seven years now I have been stalked and harassed and lied about

I am a Yorkshire terrier, I shit on the floor and am proud of it. We tend to call a nigger a spade, a chink a gook, and a Jew a kike. If the miscreants do not like it then they can always change. The facts will always remain and no amount of twisting or lying by them can alter the facts.

For over seven years now I have been stalked and harassed and lied about by such people. When the support staff protect and support those who do such things, then they have only themselves to blame if I post the truth about them.

So no answer. It is harder to post when you do not have the protection of the mod buttons eh?

Do you guys really think that censoring and hiding will result in the matter being dropped?

Are you really that naive?

Another stupid deflection. As was anticipated you are too afraid to answer valid questions.
Censorship is when posts and comments are removed. altered or otherwise interfered with as is done on a regular basis on
As is evidenced by the vast number of complaints about such infantile behaviour.

Re-read the comments by junior nation and all the other members on AFI who are saying similar things.

So Mark B, why the avoiding of valid questions? Why the continual bulldust from the AFI support staff who seem to bent on destroying AFI.

In case you missed the questions here they are again:

I am a stupid incontinent idiot. So here are some stupid incontinent idiot questions. Why are the AFI support staff protecting unethical lying staff members who support self confessed hackers and scammers. I don't need the competition with the cashbaiting business.

Why are genuine customer comments censored and the posters banned and defamed?

Why am I still crying about something that happened so long ago?

Why is my vagina so sandy?

Why did you falsely call me a troll when I asked (as a troll) a valid question.

Why are the support staff so afraid of the truth that they hide, refuse to post here while I as a customer post here, Are you all so afraid of one guy just because I post the truth.

Why do I keep banging away at this year in and year out without getting tired?

I am simply asking valid questions of a support staff member. No trap, just some simple questions that are of concern to people. Ok, one person, and just barely.