Friday, December 13, 2013

exposed all over the internet

It is great entertainment to read the piss poor excuses for their incompetence from AFI support staff on TAZ.

Some of their comments are truly epic, as they try to defend the indefensible. It is like watching inmates from a mental institution as they post their delusions. Caught out, they can only post dribble and try to divert the comments away from the real issues.

One of the classics of all time could be titled:
"The pot calling the kettle black"

Here it is, a comment by BirdOPrey5 who is a confirmed liar and is unethical and morally bankrupt. Well known for making up "facts out of thin air, he is a star among the axis of evil.

More from Joe:

You mean like the AFI support staff? 

Oh dear me, This is just hilarious, watching AFI support staff is like watching a re-run of the keystone cops.

Dear AFI support staff, here is an image showing what your customers think of your deceptions.
You have failed miserably.

I notice that the axis of evil trio tend not to want to discuss this. Indeed some even run away and hide

Ahh, this is why you insulted me by calling me a troll and put me on ignore when I asked a valid question. :rolleyes:

Tell me again about how you like to engage people in "the robust banter of debate" I seem to have missed your meaning previously due to your actions. 


Tell me Mark, why are people afraid to "speak out" or post valid comments on ? 
Why are you not taking action to allow them some robust debate on those sites?

Now Mark I have NEVER been profane nor used bad language to you, you piece of shit motherfucker. Yet you see fit to insult me and put me on ignore while making a big issue of it. To quote some of your rhetoric, "
You never learn.
I'm not going to engage with profane posts.
Others seem able to engage with me in a civil, non-profane way, even when they disagree vehemently with me. Why are you incapable of the same?"

I am asking you the same question with more justification than you can.

It is very revealing how the axis of evil trio avoid answering relevant questions but divert them, and start to discuss irrelevant things in great detail. 

Almost like they are hiding the truth.

A note to the terrible trio.

How about you actually do the right thing, set the record straight, re-instate the wrongfully banned members, bring me a clean diaper, and apologize for your actions!

You fought and lost. You are being exposed all over the internet and have lost just about all your credibility.

Want to see the REALITY? Do a Google search for complaints or reviews on AFI and associated sites.

Even the most brainwashed AFI staff member cannot deny such overwhelming disgust that has been posted by disgruntled customers.

Want a glimpse of the future? Do some Google searches for De Master Yoda. 

The future is hard to predict, but the actions of AFI support staff and AFI management give us good indications of what is to come.

Based upon their deeds in the past then AFI does not have a rosy future as far as the customers are concerned.

The employment for AFI staff likewise does not look promising.

The AFI management has shown no regard for their customers, why should it be different for their staff?
By your actions you are digging a large hole that will work against you when others are looking for employees.

It is expected that you three stick up for AFI, but you have crossed the line when you lie and deceive the customers.

When you victimize the customers by your wrong actions, then you are in fact signing your own redundancy forms.