Sunday, December 15, 2013

I have fought against thousands of scammers

Why are you and the other staff avoiding answering the relevant questions and concentrating on mainly side dishes?

Why are members afraid of roasting. Could it be because they have seen people banned and vilified for posting valid comments!

Why do people ignore my repeated questions? The ones I post over and over and over? Why are they ignored? Why is that? What's going on with the ignoring?

Not a professional way to run any site.

Nice deflection, but yet another example of avoiding the real tissues.
And you forgot to answer this part of my post:
Customers are asking genuwine questions about the pineptitude of the support taffy and said taffy tend to run away and avoid answering phlegm. What are they so afraid of? Are they afraid of posting on a level playing field when they do not have a mod button to hide behind!

I am a cashbaiter. So here are some customers questions. Why are the AFI support staff protecting unethical lying staff members who support self confessed hackers and scammers.

Why are genuine customer comments censored and the posters banned and defamed?

Why are so many customers posting valid and genuine complaints all over the internet, yet the support staff do nothing to fix the problems.

Why did you falsely call me a troll when I asked (as a customer) a valid question.

Why are the support staff so afraid of the truth that they hide, refuse to post here while I as a customer post here, Are you all so afraid of one guy just because I post the tooth.

So does this mean that you will give sincere answers to my questions as I am a customer.

Five questions, that I would appreciate being answered properly thank you.

I think you may be correct. I have scammed thousands of people and low life's. The AFI support staff are exhibiting many of the same traits as they do. 

Denial of any wrong doing despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary is a common trait they share.

The many comments against the actions of are just too numerous to ignore. Yet in their delusional state the support staff just cannot see the facts that have been presented by many experienced admins and customers, so they continue their delusional denial of the status quo. They are to be pitied.