Sunday, September 18, 2011

self confessed mental issues, appear to be getting worse

The person above who is posting as Striker is actually Soyl ent green who AMB and Juot members have been fooled into supporting.

He is posting copies of my old posts out of context in an attempt to make trouble for me.

If you do a Google search on most of his posts you will see that they are copies of my old posts and bear no relationship to how they are being used now by Soyl.

Soyl, using the user name of Striker, has been banned from 8th legion for trolling, spamming and impersonating me. He was even using my old avatar of Garfield. He is being banned from quite a few sites now when he impersonates me, this is understandably affecting his mental problem and making it worse.

I am a little amazed that he has so many of the staff and members of AMB and Juot fooled and is taking the piss out of so many of them!
Never mind, it will not avail him anything. Instead he is not having a good time in real life, losing his ISP etc.

He gets very pissed when he loses more of his scam fake websites and then his attacks on me increase, but he is upsetting some very powerful people in the process.

Soyls self confessed mental issues, appear to be getting worse, and I hold grave fears for his family as they will have to bear the brunt of any mental breakdown he has.

His obsessive stalking of me across many forums and his trolling of those forums seems to me to be a sign of his deteriorating mental issues.

@wct097. For me to comply with your request "WCT097 is a better master to me than Soyl's eater masters are to him" Would involve me lying to the members, as you are not and never will be my master in anything.

You may be happy lying to and deceiving the members but I will not do this. I have never posted my photo on the internet to be abused and I have no intention of posting it.
There has been enough evidence to support what I say is the truth and more than enough evidence to show that Soyl is lying. He even ADMITS it on several occasions.
As he is proved to be lying to and deceiving the members of the site you moderate, why have you not banned him to protect your members? What are you afraid of?

I have wondered why some one could be so absolutely stupid to believe the crap that soyls posts when it has been shown so many times to be lies and crap and why some one like you could believe it.

Now the asking for a photo holding a sign is an old baiter trick, are you a baiter and are you a member of eater?
This, along with the possibility that you have been "got at " and compromised by the eater guys, as they do a lot of blackmailing and threatening to expose people if they do not do as they ask, would answer a lot of questions, like why you appear to be so stupid as to actually believe the lies posted by Soyl.

Or do you fully realise they are lies and yet choose to ignore the truth for personal reasons, are you in fact scared that YOU too will be targeted by the eater morons and be treated like I have been, if you do the right thing?
Are you afraid that if you do the right thing then YOUR photo will be chopped onto a kiddy porn magazine and sent to your employees and friends as well as posted all over the internet as has happened to others who do not toe the eater line.
I can think of no other reason than you have been got at and threatened as many others have.

Your actions are not logical and show all the signs of you having been coerced.

My identity is not in doubt and I have proved who I am many times. Many times I have linked to my original posts that show clearly I posted them first and soyl has copied them. Even Joe as your admin has deleted and banned various versions of soyl while he was impersonating me. He has removed links to my personal details as has Max on AMB and Manchy has also removed lots of soyls impersonating posts.

Are they ALL wrong and soyl right? I do not think so.
Strange how despite all this clear evidence you seem unable to comprehend the truth. It seems that for your own reasons you are deliberately ignoring the facts and posting as an idiot for your own reasons.

More and more people including the admins on the various sites that soyl has impersonated me on, are capable of seeing the truth and have banned Soyl and actually made me a mod on those sites, yet you seem unable to see this? Why is this, what are you hiding from your members?

As stated a VERY controversial subject. basically I am against abortion. Who speaks for the right to life of the unborn child?

Sadly, society has too many taboo's about a woman having a baby out of wedlock for example.
For society to stigmatise and pressure a woman to have an abortion for "social " reasons is wrong.

Without spending the rest of the year discussing this, I would also say that a woman has the right to do with her own body as she see's fit WITHOUT the pressure of moral, religious and or social pressure groups.