Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As you are fully aware, I pulled out

The definition as you link to says " In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual;"
Why not discuss the fraud you tried to do by falsely calling me a pedo without any evidence and the countless fraudulent claims made against me by your pals in an attempt to damage me?;

Why have you tried to Defraud the members here by your false accusations against me and your posting the same accusations as a quote in order to defame me?

As for you asking me the questions about what another member says when I have nothing to do with it, also seems to be yet another feeble attempt to defame me.

You say: "A member here accused this site of not paying out the weekly $200 or the fairness of a admin d00l of rigging the rap battles"
As you are fully aware, I pulled out of any involvement regarding the "battles" etc and I have not publicly commented on them since.
I pulled out and I am not involved in awarding any money, nor do I have any say in any distribution of said money.

I think the ADMIN has answered your questions
Why you are directing them towards me can only be guessed at.

If any questions have been levelled against another staff member, then logic would dictate that you ask them.
I cannot speak for any other staff member.

Now there you are Steve,I have answered your questions, yet you still hide from answering mine, as to why you have not apologised or taken action regarding the false accusations you made or allowed to be made on rant-e-r that defamed me using YOUR user name and password.

Did I shit my pants today? Maybe just  a little. Ok, alot. But the question still remains: why did you accuse me of plagiarising rap lyrics from another site when you know that I am incapable of writing anything like a rap song myself? Answer me that.