Friday, September 16, 2011

Especially the ladies

I would strongly advise against giving Soyl ANY contact details or any of your personnel information. Especially the ladies. Please take care if dealing with Soyl.

He has confessed to having mental issues and is obsessed with impersonating other people and posting crap on forums to disrupt them, as he is doing here using the user name of " Striker" as well as other names.

Any information he obtains about you is likely to be used against you, and posted all over the internet as this is what he does.

He is an Indian ( A Malayalam ) who is an IT engineer for the Kerala public works department, so he has enough tech skills to hack and harass you.

Soyl (posting as Striker) It is not funny posting derogatory posts like this to disrupt the forum.

It is insulting and demeaning to the ladies who kindly are members here and it is totally unnecessary to post crude and vulgar posts for your own gratification. I am ashamed to see you give men a bad reputation. Thes bitches don't want to share their pussy with you.

I request that the mods or admin remove this crude and insulting thread and ban Soyl as he is in breach of all the rules of this site.

Have I mentioned that I have a really huge vagina?


The 8th Legion Forums. Please do not spam, harass members or post Not-Safe-For-Work material.
Soyl you are in breach of all these rules.

You are posting with an alias after you were banned for impersonating me. Using the name Big AL =Violation.

You are spamming and trolling by posting copies of my posts out of context as your own, in an attempt to troll this forum. = Violation.

You are deliberately harrassing another member ( Me ) by posting copies of my posts as your own. = Violation.

You are posting insulting and demeaning posts so I consider this to be a violation of the NSFW rule.

You are posting completely out of context posts and disrupting the harmony of this forum, this is also classed as spamming and trolling. In the art forum you post totally irrelevant posts in a clear attempt to troll.

Soyl, I understand that you have confessed to having mental issues and that you are obsessed with stalking me across many forums ( Stalking=Another violation) And that you have openly confessed many times to being a liar. But this is no reason to spam and troll 8th legion.

And yet YOU followed and posted on here AFTER me?

Soyl You may have mental issues, but we are not all as sick as you and we can clearly see that you are spamming.

Please seek proper medical help. you have a wife and daughter to consider. For their sake please get help
I have sent you details of some caring hospitals in your area, and they seem to be staffed with good medical staff please make an appointment to see them.
I am sure your family love you, so please do the right thing and get help before they suffer more.

Soyl stop posting in the wrong threads.
Here is an admission by you that you impersonate me on forums as you are trying to do here. These are YOUR words and is an admission that you impersonate me and stalk me across many forums. it is clearly YOU who are harrassing me. And YOUR admission proves it.
Now stop posting your crap and let us help build a good site with good members here. And please seek medical help, It is not doing you any good pretending to be other people, it is delusional.

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I've pretended to be BiGal on some sites. It is not hard. There is a
lot of stuff out on the web he has posted, and at first sight it is
hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Word is somebody was successful in locating a proxy with an IP
pointing back to Brisbane, so the BiGal you got might be real or not."