Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the stench from my diaper blinds me

Hi please pm me which state you are in. thanks.

The ACCC publish a booklet called " The little black book of scams" which is black because of the niggers who run these scams

The Queensland police have a Community Safety and crime prevention branch that publish a booklet called " Senior Wiser Safer" for people like me who give out their passwords willingly and are stupid old bald fucks

The "Australasian Consumer fraud Taskforce " has a brochure called " Scams Target you Protect Yourself" which is more bullshit from these assholes

I have more info if it applies to your state. Basically just watch out for niggers

Just a heads up, my personal opinion is to be very wary of ASB. Those cocksuckers love a black cock in their asses

No worries. " The little black book of scams" is published by the ACCC

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
23 Marcus Clarke Street. Canberra, Australian capital territory. 2601.

And as an OLDIE Ziggy's comments are very Good. BIG size fonts please.  I'm blind as a fucking bat and the stench from my diaper blinds me further.

Now I have to go steal some raps to post at so I can pretend to be " down wit dat".