Monday, September 5, 2011

I do believe in the saying " By their DEEDS ye shall know them" posting crap

Anyone who wants to be a genuine member and follows the rules is welcome.

The trolls have failed and now try a parting shot, remember I said
Eventually the trolls will get the message that they are not welcome.
I am not perfect and do make mistakes, but when people troll the forum with the sole intention of disrupting the forum for the genuine members, they they will be moderated.
I am not an overly religious guy but I do believe in the saying " By their DEEDS ye shall know them" posting crap and trying to disrupt the forum shows who are trolls and who are good members.

The trolls seem to forget that I have dealt with many of them on other forums for many years now. and I know who they are and I know their agenda.

The ADMIN has been kind enough to let a lot of them have their say and given them a lot of leeway. However it has been said many times that if they troll then they will be moderated.

Rahstyles is growing and going from strength to strength. I would rather have five good members than a thousand trolls and badgers.

With the good members we will grow in a sensible and strong manner.

To sum up, if you are genuine and post within the rules then you are welcome. If you are here to cause trouble then you are free to leave.

Admin it seems that some people are uncomfortable with agreeing to the rules. The rules are there to help ALL members enjoy their time here.

I remember when I shit my pants for the first time. It was embarrassing but I got through it with the help of GOD. Now i pray that my sphincter holds whenever I sneeze.