Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rahstyles is a "shitty Forum" and I am a supermod there. I wear a cape and tight panties!!

The butcher seems reluctant to discuss this in public, so I am bringing it here as the members have a right to know what is going on. He did not seem so reluctant to post the false defamatory and libelous comments in public.

Using one of his other internet user names of IMGreat101 he posted on the Rantr an untrue and extremely offensive post accusing me of disgusting things and also insulting the ADMIN as well as stating that Rahstyles was a "shitty Forum" which it certainly is.

Coming from someone who has been given the privilege of being made a moderator on Rahstyles, this stab in the back is totally over the top. And is totally unacceptable behaviour from one of Rahstyles mods.

I have sent him a Pm and I understand he has been informed about this matter by admin's. he has been given the opportunity to apologise and set the matter right but has only posted saying he considers the matter closed.

I have received no apology, nor has he removed the offending post and set the record straight, ergo he still stands by his original post that insulted the ADMIN, myself and Rahstyles. I therefore request that he be de modded, as he is obviously not working in the interests of Rahstyles and is unfit to hold this respected position any longer.

I would also like him to explain why he recommended Anna-falactic, one of his pals from rantr to join Rahstyles, when that person only came to troll and is he aware that she/he is implicated in scamming? what was his motive for this stupid act. This type of member we can well do without.

As NO apology nor retraction has been offered I ask that the admins consider removing him as a mod.

I do not care who joins, as long as they respect the rules and are here as a genuine member, but this type of behaviour is abhorrent and should not be tolerated.

@The Butcher. Thank you for removing the offending post however you have cleverly posted the insulting and defamatory part about me by quoting the post above yours obviously in an attempt to post it in public again. Knowing that the allegation is unfounded and untrue why, when supposedly offering an olive branch have you done this? Intent is the operative word here.

I have seen NO apology nor retraction of your disgusting post. This needs to be done.

On a site like rantr that has so few members, most of the seniors have many duals, it seems most unusual for anyone to have to be reduced to sharing your password with another as you claim. The need for this escapes me.

IF it is true then you need to expose them and what they have done in your public retraction. If your intent is to do the right thing then you will do this.

I would also ask that you remove the quoted insulting part of your new post as it is not necessary nor needed to be posted again, and can only have been done to continue your unsubstantiated attack on me.

Quite correctly you state that it is a heinous post. So it is unnecessary for you to repeat it in your post as a quote.

[QUOTE I will post an olive branch thread on both sites to apologize for the heinous post.][/QUOTE]

I am answering this issue and will continue to do so until it is resolved in the proper manner.

Personal attacks and defamatory and totally untrue false allegations, like the ones posted under your user name will not just go away and will actively be pursued until the matter is corrected.

Thank you for your input. Obviously all is not seen in the short time you have seen this. he does know me so is not a stranger.

When you have been dogpiled and defamed on for nearly five years and had YOUR personal details posted in a derogatory manner all over the internet, as well as being accused falsely of being a pedo then maybe you will eventually say enough is enough and take action to prevent it.

When you have had YOUR PC hacked into and your personal information stolen and used against you on the internet by these guys then maybe you will see things in a different light?

Maybe when YOU have had your relatives threatened with physical harm as well as yourself, then maybe things will look a little different to you.

Maybe after you have had 172 hacking attempts against you in under two months then things will appear differently.

Maybe after having YOUR real life Photo posted all over the internet along with YOUR user name being used to portray you as crazy you will be a little miffed.

Maybe after having multiple websites and blogs set up impersonating you for the sole aim of posting derogatory remarks then you will appreciate that enough is enough and also take action to stop it.

Maybe after YOUR user name is used to set up a twitter account and blog accounts to defame you then you will think differently?

Insults and attacks on me are ongoing and continuous this is not of much importance. however the line is overstepped when I am falsely accused without ANY evidence of being a pedo. I will take whatever action I need to, including legal action against those unwise enough to post Libel like this.

You may disagree, that is your free choice but I wonder how you would act if it was you that was being falsely accused of being a pedo?

The butcher has posted this allegation IN PUBLIC this is LIBEL. knowing full that it is false and derogatory. I will never stop until he has apologised and set things right.

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On a less personal note, the position of Moderator is one of trust and responsibility. Posting remarks AS a moderator on Rahstyles, IN PUBLIC against the ADMIN, Rahstyles and myself is a betrayal of this trust. And needs to be corrected.

The Butcher is now saying that he had a shared password and did not post those things. given his bad responses to my questions about this so far it makes it very hard to believe. Be that as it may.

IF it is true, then it is incumbent upon him to set things right and explain why this was allowed to happen and expose those responsible.
If he is NOT responsible for the post as he claims then he will have no problem condemning it and the person who did post it in public. As it is HE who has so far had to bear the brunt of the results of this defamatory post.

If he allowed others to use his password, then he must bear some responsibility for the subsequent actions that follow on from this unintelligent act.
It cannot be used as a cop out.

@ Strange 1. I am in Australia he is in the USA. So hitting him is probably not an option.

The 172 attempts to hack me were unsuccessful as I now have excellent security.

I notice that you said in your profile that your family was important to you and my loved ones are important to me.
When they are threatened, then I will take action as I am doing now.

I have taken action recently against a forum that threatened my relatives and myself, and after contacting their host and the attorney general in their area the abusers were evicted by their host. The cost in money to me was nil.
I am also looking at this aspect for another site that is posting defamatory things about me.

As an admin on an anti -fraud site I have good links to the authorities and a lot has already been reported to them.

Re the troll part. Acting on the advice of someone involved in law enforcement, I stopped responding to the morons for a three month trial period , guess what happened? The attacks on me INCREASED. and More forums were set up to post crap about me.

If a dog is attacking you and you back off or show fear it will go for you in a more vigorous way if you give it a hard kick and it hurt it, then it will think twice about going for you again, so it is with cowards and bullies.

I may be wrong, but I think that The butcher will think twice about attacking me again for no reason other than to look good in front of his peers. It puts a different light on things when some one fights back.