Sunday, August 28, 2011

illegal cashbaiting is a subject for a few laughs.

I know one who makes approx $300,000 a year.

How much is your integrity worth?   
Results of cashbaiting.

So Joe, you seem to think that illegal cashbaiting is a subject for a few laughs.

Lets talk about the results of what you are promoting.

Lets discuss the father of five who committed suicide after losing his life savings to scammers who cashbait. Is this funny Joe?

Lets talk about the mother who was turfed out into the street with her children after losing all her money and her house to them and was left destitute. Is this one funny Joe?

Lets talk about the Romanian woman who lost all her money to them and then took out three bank loans and lost that as well, then she was sending her medicine money for her cancer treatment to them. How about this one Joe, good for a few laughs eh?

Lets talk about the mentally impaired single mother in Holland who was scammed into sending her children's food money to the scammer. Is this one funny Joe?

Yes Joe, lets discuss and trivialize cashbaiting. Its good for a laugh eh?

Joe, why do you advocate this and encourage those who do it, are you so short of posts that you have to stoop so low?

Tell me Joe why are you promoting the misery and heartache that cashbaiting brings?
Just to prod good old AL eh?

Some actions are those of the lowest scum on earth and encouraging cashbaiting is among them.

Come Joe, work work alongside me, and we will see how you handle working and helping the victims of the acts you are encouraging, just for a few laughs.

We will work with some victims, and you too can feel like throwing up onto your keyboard in disgust when you see how they suffer when they are scammed by those who you support. We can talk to them via skype and you can rejoice in hearing them weep with sorrow. Maybe you will think this is also good for a laugh and you can post more to encourage those low life scum who cashbait.

You seem to think it is funny to encourage and support those who scam and cheat the victims of these crimes.

How funny would it have been if your mother was actually taken in by those you support? Would you still be encouraging them if she had lost her life's savings and suffered a breakdown as a result?

We see this almost every day and yet you actually encourage these guys. You sicken me and I have only pity for you.

Go on Joe, post encouragement for those who prey on the vulnerable in society.
I am sure they appreciate it. After all in your mind it is all a good laugh eh?

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