Thursday, August 4, 2011

172 failed hacking attempts

So did you find out why soyl lost his ISP, or is that all hot air? even Soyl has NOT denied this but got very pissed off when it was revealed. More Hot air?

Did you check out the scans of the viral links soyl posted?
Why was soyl forced to remove viral links, if it was all unsubstantiated claims? or are the actual scans all hot air?

As a responsible mod, did you do some advanced scans yourself to protect the forum you moderate? And ascertain the facts, or is your modship all hot air?

And for the record I have NEVER said that I have put a keylogger on anyone. I would not even know how to do this. Remember I am NOT an IT engineer like soyl.
soyl while impersonating me has probably made such false claims.

As for unsubstantiated claims, remember the post where Soyl ADMITS to impersonating me?

Like I say, you are posting derogatory things that are UNSUBSTANTIATED and being posted without you knowing the FACTS.

Perhaps you would like to ask soyls ISP why they removed him.

You can ask them about the log that shows 172 failed hacking attempts on my PC over a two month period that link back to a certain Indian guy.
Why not check your facts before posting a lot of unsubstantiated hot air?

Perhaps as a mod you should check out the real facts before making yourself look like an idiot.