Monday, August 1, 2011

the facts before you put your mouth in gear?

After admitting you do not understand things, you still make an assumption, this indicates that you are an idiot.

Why not find out the facts before you put your mouth in gear?

It does not alter the fact that you are still an idiot.

Hey soyl why are the eater admins leaving?

Awhile back a whole load of mods stepped down, now it is the admins leaving.

Where is Lotta ? Why is she afraid to post under her own user name?

Nurse nasty, another eater admin = Last visit= Tuesday June 21st 20111. @4.57.AM.

Where is nurse nasty?
Why did he step down as admin and is afraid to post under his own name now?

For such a good site (SIC) it seems they are stabbing their long time members in the back. Do YOU feel safe Soyl?

Soyl, why has eater gone from being the largest site of its kind on the internet to being a poor second? And regarding active members, probably a poor third or fourth.

Rover has done a good job of losing so many members including mods and admins.

Seems to me that your years long stalking and harassing of me has failed badly for you and eater, resulting in lots more exposure for eater, hence the people leaving. :booya:

Thanks for playing my game and helping me to expose more eater activities.ow:

Soyl why did your ISP kick you out, maybe they do not like hackers.