Sunday, August 21, 2011


Not real bright are you? You say it is all BS so why was soyl BANNED from AMB so many times for posting links to personal information and malware. Are you now calling the AMB staff members liars and saying it is all BS what they did?

There is a LOT of evidence on the network to back up what I say, you as a mod (sic) can easily check it. Did you even bother to do some advanced scans to check on the viral links to protect the forum you moderate? or is it easier to pretend it does not happen and just pass it off as BS? If you had the intelligence to check, you too would have seen the malware. I even posted the names of the Kl's that existed on the links. Maybe this was too hard for you to comprehend?

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This is just ONE of the many times that soyl was outed for posting links that were in violation of the forums rules. LINKS TO PERSONAL INFORMATION AND MALWARE.

Yet you being an idiot would say this is all BS? Are you fully awake, or are you on some mind altering drugs most of the time?

Can you not see the times on Juot that the owner has to chastise Soyl for the same links that you call BS? Are you saying that he is a liar as well? Were his pm's to Soyl also BS?

Is it so hard for you to actually read what has been going on, on the forum that you moderate?

Why did Soyl lose his access from his ISP? You have no idea.

Why is he now out of action on his home PC. You have no idea.

Why is he running scared now? You have no idea.

When you are clued up on these things then maybe you will be qualified to talk, or maybe you will try to justify your stupidity by calling anything you do not know about as BS?