Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the bidding of the scammers

I would like to mention a good website that has gone bad due to the owner being compromised by hackers and scammers.

www.juot.net was a good forum about many topics including Jeeps. I understand it came about as a result of another admin on a jeep site doing the wrong thing.

juot.net was doing well and growing with an owner who was considered to be a decent guy, and he did the right thing and banned bad members who impersonated people and defamed them. He now actively supports them and does their bidding.

Now however, the deposed owner birdOPrey5, still maintains a charade of being in charge, but he has been compromised, and now does the bidding of the scammers. As is evidenced by his posting of peoples real life details, including stolen photographs without the owners permissions. And his falsely accusing members of stealing copper wire without any proof at all, as it never happened. All at the scammers demands.

It is sad to see a once good site give in to the low lifes.
" What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul"

As a result the site is now considered as more of a joke and a hate site than the decent site it used to be.
When the supposed owner posts outright lies and allows self confessed hackers and spammers to have free reign and dictate to him what he can say and do on the site, then it is to be expected that the site will no longer be taken seriously.

If birdOPrey5 took back control and ran the site properly, it could once again become a decent site. Whether he has the guts to do this is the question, I doubt it as he cannot even stand up and back up any of his claims, but runs away when challenged to reveal the truth. This shows the true measure of the man, as does incessant whining about alleged crimes emailed to me anonymously by people that I choose to believe.