Friday, July 26, 2013

low life's can get more money

I like martial arts. As well as keeping fit you have the added advantage of being capable of defending yourself. I still wear the white robe, although it has shit stains on the back of it lol.

I hold degrees in Shotokan, Wado Ryu and Shukokai, karate. But I have not done them for some time now because I am old as fucking Methuselah with a bad hip.

Trolls are bad but the worst are scammers and those who support them.

As a support member on an anti-fraud website I assist the victims of these lowlifes. Some of the devastation they leave behind them can be heartbreaking, and all so the low life's can get more money. Sure, I've gotten plenty of money out of people through cashbaiting, but fuck them. They gave it to me.

Having been an employer for many years I was always interested in potential employees who want to work and were keen to do the job and help the company grow.

If a potential employee was keen, even though he/she may not have had the right degrees I would give them a go especially if they were young and attractive. I got so many blowjobs in the back room after I promised promotions lol.