Tuesday, September 24, 2013

he has set up many blogs and forums with the sole aim of impersonating me

I guess people would like some more proof of what I say. I claim that Joe is allowing hackers and scammers to impersonate me on his website as they are now controlling him.
Here is PROOF.
This was just posted on Juot.net, by a self confessed hacker and scammer called Gbenga Jones, WITH JOES PERMISSION. He is using a stolen photo of me that was hacked from my PC as his avatar and using one of my internet user names "Alan James" to impersonate me and stalk and harass me.
Joe KNOWS this, yet allows himself to be controlled instead of doing the responsible thing.

No it is done deliberately as part of the Smear campaign.

Gbenga is part of a website that I exposed as scammers, and I am closing down many of their scam websites. This pisses them off greatly. So they have mounted a smear campaign against me for over seven years. Joe is now part of this "Al Bashing" and he actually now supports the scammers as is being proven on juot.net. Joe refuses to discuss this turn around, I wonder why?

You can see Gbenga is using my photo in his avatar as his own, as well as other users. Joe allows this even though it is in violation of his own rules. As the photo was stolen from my PC by a hacker. Gbenga he has set up many blogs and forums with the sole aim of impersonating me in the hope that I will be intimidated and stop training people to close down scam websites. or at the very least occupy my time so I will not be as effective against them. I am his mugu.

I first joined juot. net to stop Gbenga from impersonating me as Big Al. and Joe did the right thing and banned him. But after Joe got into financial difficulties he suddenly changed and began to support the scammers. I currently do not post on there, As I was banned by Joe using three conflicting and illogical excuses.

I understand that Joe is not in such financial difficulties any longer. I can understand why he runs away and will not discuss this in the open.

It's not because I'm a fucknut, that's for sure.