Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A couple of popular threads

A couple of popular threads we have are, one called "Name that nigger " Where after careful checking we expose the niggers, except we don't do any careful checking. I think many of the views are from the niggers themselves checking to see if they are now receiving some free publicity. The evidence of this is...something. I don't know, I just like to think it's the niggers checking because they fear us so lol. But seriously, we get mostly spambots and random visitors.

The second one is "Niggers say the funniest things" We see some really hilarious sayings and sentences from some of the niggers as they try to steal money. I make most of them up myself.

Another new and popular thread is called " 419 means Nigger time" This is where we post details of the niggers who have been sentenced to prison. Due to the efforts of many good people, the niggers are now being jailed in ever larger numbers and I predict this thread will become very popular. I also predicted the end of the world a few years ago, so take that for what it's worth. What I do is just a big fat waste of time, but as I am old and retired with broken hips, failing eyesight, missing teeth, 7 toes, arthritis, and prolapsed rectum, making shit up about scammers is about all I've got. Leave me alone ok.

So is the rumour true that AFI are going to use a "beat a dead horse animation" as our new official banner? Because we should.