Wednesday, November 13, 2013

visible to the hacker.

It went a little bit quiet but is now growing again. :thumbsup:
I hear that if you join and do ten posts quickly invisible nude maidens will come at night and dance for you!

Well it was worth a try!
But you can join and help the site grow and see what is happening there.  :agreed:

My understanding is that the alanjamesyoda@gmail is the original one belonging to 'Big Al' all the others including the poster Alan_James are imposters. As I am sure most of the old timers already know.

He definitely has a screw loose. He just sent me this. He thinks I am Big AL.

»Alan_James: Hello bi gay Gal
You have been weighed, and found wanting. Signing up a second account to get around banishment to Alcatraz is a serious crime. Expect repercussions. And tell that jap bitch I sent my cum while you are felching her. Edit the Encyclopedia Dramatica article again, have fun.

Alan James Watson comes out of the closet

Just awesome.

How to Hide Your House

The bad news is that there is no way to keep your address off of Google Maps. The good news is that you can get Google to blur out your property so Google Maps users will not see it. Here’s the process which is outlined at Google.

How to get your property blurred:

Go to Google Maps and type in your address
Bring up the street view of your property
Look to the bottom right hand corner of the screen you should see an Icon Labeled: “report a problem.”
Click on “report a problem.”
You will get a page labeled “report inappropriate street view.”
Look for the words “Privacy Concerns” and click on them.
If you want your house blurred, click on “my house.” Then choose the option: “I have a picture of my house and would like it blurred.”
Adjust the image and show Google which part of the photo needs blurred.
Type the verification code at the bottom of the page into the box provided and click submit.
Check back in a few days to see if the image has been blurred.

I know how you feel. I think it is called old age. Here is my house btw.

I own one and am admin/global mod on other websites like,,,,, etc.

The ransomeware "cryptlock " is a very nasty bit of work. I often send it to unsuspecting people.
Information about how to remove it is posted here. It may be that you can remove the virus but your files may still be encrypted.

A re-install may have to be done.

With the large amount of Malware now on the internet, it is time to take PC security more serious. It is better to be classed as Paranoid than have to deal with the effects of Malware. This is common sense I feel. Like the time I got a keylogger on my PC. That was awful. The hackers stole a single picture of me that I still claim is not me when I think of it. It's really an innocent man, as is the house pictured above.

If anyone is still using a windows OS then care is needed to keep your AV programs up to date.

Two excellent FREE programs are " Malwarebytes" and " Threatfire" Many of the members I work with on another site say they have had good results with them.

Quite a few AV programs may not pick up "keyloggers" so once a pc has been compromised, ALL keystrokes including passwords and credit card or bank details are visible to the hacker. For some strange reason, when my PC was hacked and a keylogger installed, none of these things were compromised. They only stole my picture. That is the exact same picture I sent to some lady baiters is probably just a coincidence.

A VERY good program that works on Windows AND mac's is " SOPHOS"

Look for the FREE version, download it and run it. The program will detect and REMOVE most Keyloggers before they steal a picture of you.

You need what is called the "Anti-root kit" There is a free version but you may have to look for it.

Another very helpful program that can help stop Keyloggers that need a script to work is the "no script" program in Firefox.
A very good free program. I spend a good 10-12 hours a day scanning my computer to make sure there is no keylogger because they might steal another picture of me.

As we are an anti-fraud website we do not take donations or any other form of income. So yes we do lose our own money to run the website. We make it up by cashbaiting though. The idiots who trust us send us money.

In our case, if we accepted donations there could be a perception of partiality if we posted something good on the entity who donated. Instead we steal it outright. My adult diapers aren't free, ya know.

Perhaps other webmasters have similar concerns?