Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big AL IMPOSTOR to deal with

It is unfortunate , and we also have this other Big AL IMPOSTOR to deal with. During this entire episode I have proven that I am telling the truth many times, some proof has even been the actual words of the liars involved!
I have proved conclusively, IN THEIR OWN WORDS ,that they are LIARS!! You have seen how they twist and turn but do not answer direct questions .All I have seen is the same old eater tactic of character assassination, so that the truth will not be believed, as this is their only defense against the truth!
I was at first treated with suspicion by many members as you have seen by the posts.It seems to be a standard practice for some sites to attempt massive character assassination when any one is banned for telling the truth!
This seems to be done to try and make sure that the person who has been banned will not be believed and any truth they post will then be suspect! This has been the case by both eater and the alliance in my case and to others who say the truth.
It is now spilling over to the people who support me, re some recent comments on here!
As the admins on the alliance have seen fit to try to portray me as crazy, it is only fair that I defend myself, remember they started this attack!

So Patrick as you are impersonating me, why not send BirdOPrey5 a pm from here as 'Big Al' the user name that the real AL (ME) has used for a long time.and to make it more secure please include a copy of the last pm I sent to him on Juot, this will eliminate any "adjustments' by any AMB mod or admin. however if you cannot do this then you will be proven to be the imposter and deserve to be banned for breaking the rule's. AL.

You may have noticed that I usually do not bother to answer the bullshit that brainwashed cretins like you tend to post.
So I will not be entering into discussions with you when you are just too stupid to work out the truth, and instead you just post the crap that you are fed by the eater retards.
Remember the BS that was posted as FACT that I was the owner of dot net? remember all the little brainwashed lackeys jumping on the bandwagon and spouting forth their crap? how many have had the courage to apologise and admit they were WRONG? Cowards all.

Why do you support the victimizing of an innocent man and his children?

Why do you support the phoning up of this man at three in the morning and scaring his children? is this the mark of your character?

Why do you support the harassment of a totally innocent man and his family?

Why do you support the eater senior guys who are into cashbaiting, and setting up of fake sites to scam innocent victims?
Are you one of those who do this?

I just wondered why Soylent greeen who has posted many times in glee about others being banned from sites, is keeping quiet about how HE is now BANNED from TSB the LARGEST site of its kind on the internet AND 419 legal? 

My My, what a popular guy I am right now. All these people want to be me, are they really jealous of me?
I did not know I had so many fans who would like to be me. :jump:

In gratitude I think I will go and close down some more income producing fake eater sites. I just know they will be so happy to see the results of their lackeys efforts.

Now Soyl stop being childish. I thought you said that I did not have a replacement hip and was undergoing some electric treatment at the time. Now you are saying I do have a replacement hip and that I am 80, a jump almost overnight of ten years according to you.

Now Soyl, put away your little dolls and get back into your cot. and I will sing you a lullaby about the little lost boy, who told lies as he was feeling so unwanted and unloved.

Soyl for some reason you seem to be obsessed with my medical history.
So to make you happy here are some facts.
Yes I have had a hip replacement, SO?
I also have had some childhood diseases like chicken pox, but I have recovered from those thanks.

I have never had any treatment for any mental illness in my life and have not had any electrical treatment, unless you count the time as a child I accidentally touched a live electrical wire.
Now lets talk about your admission (part of it in my signature ) when you admitted that you have some mental problems. Maybe you would like to elaborate on that for us?

You also seem to be greatly obsessed with my age, for the record I will be 64 this year. as you admit to being 56 there are only a few years separating us. maybe you could enlighten us as to your obsession with my age.

Soyl was BANNED for TROLLING. He has been temporally banned from AMB before.
This was not the first time.