Monday, November 4, 2013

[QUOTEI'll work to ensure any

Welcome. Your user name is very memorable to say the least.

[QUOTEI'll work to ensure any sites data we have access to are aware of it and OK with it as per your concerns. :)][/QUOTE]

Thank you. I just shit my pants. Thank you. And welcome to the site. Please have a complementary overfull diaper as your gift.


I trust that you asked the individual "clients" if you could use their information for your commercial venture?
I ask as VB does not have a good reputation for keeping things about their customers confidential.

Welcome, glad you could make it here.

Welcome. Wilkommen. Բարի գալուստ! Xoş gəlmişsiniz! স্বাগতম Добре дошъл марша вагIийла хьо ᑐᙵᓱ coi ro do ཕེབས་པར་དགའ་བསུ་ཞུ།

and any other fucking languages you fuckers think you can throw at me. Bring it!