Saturday, November 16, 2013

using my stolen photograph

A weak explanation on his website by BirdOPrey5. Staff member for VB.

Following BirdOPrey5 allowing a known hacker to impersonate me using my stolen photograph in violation of his own rules and post altered copies of my posts taken from here. Joe decided to try to explain the incompetence of VB and the support staff.

True to form he blames the customers yet again.
I find it abhorrent that such Vb support staff like Mark B /Paul M and Joe D, Can only come up with absolute misleading utter crap, instead of setting the record straight and telling us exactly what is going on.

When faced with questions of genuine concern by their CUSTOMERS they can only hide or if pushed come up with total bullshit.

Such is the measure of these so called "stand up guys"

SERIOUSLY dude? You SERIOUSLY telling us that these well known hackers were just hacking out of the kindness of their hearts!!!!

What sterling guys. What unselfishness. What UTTER BULLSHIT from a VB staff member.

Honestly Joe just what medication are you taking ? I am taking a numner of anti-psychotic drugs. Maybe you should take some too. I will share them.

Joe why not tell the truth about the Ukraine, Russian and Romanian hackers and their pals and what they are really doing?

Cone on Joe, you feel the need to post about these things, tell us about how kind and considerate the inhabitants of places like Yoshkar-Ola. Republic Mari-El, Russia are, who are known as a town of dating scammers. or the Romanian town of hackers, Râmnicu Vâlcea that has only about 120,000 residents, but among law enforcement experts around the world, it has a nickname: Hackerville.

Tell us all again about how these hackers are so benevolent that they only hack to warn webmasters.
But then you are supporting known hackers yourself, despite the damage and heartache that they leave behind them.

Here is a story about one crime fighter who fights crime and does not allow stolen photographs to be used online.

Associated Press November 16, 2013, 9:27 am

Alan James Watson, dressed as Batkid, right, runs with Batman after saving an innocent man in San Francisco. The city turned into Gotham City for a day, as city officials helped fulfill Watons's wish to be "Batkid." Photo: Jeff Chiu, AP

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Crooks beware! Batkid is fighting crime on the mean streets of San Francisco.

With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the city, 65-year-old Alan James Watson, aka Batkid, took off from Union Square in the morning in one of two Batmobiles — black Lamborghinis with Batman decals. Police escorted the Lamborghinis and closed off roads as they sped to their first caper: an innocent man whose picture had been stolen by a hacker and harboured by an evil admin.

By midday, the Batkid's adventure had become a sensation on Twitter, with even the White House chiming in with its support.

At the cable car rescue, hundreds of people jostled for space, as the incontinent old man dressed in a Batman costume and accompanied by an adult Batman impersonator emerged from the Lamborghini to rescue the innocent man's photographs. Alan is a mental patient who's now in remission.

Despite his bad hip an obvious mental problems, he was thrilled that someone was actually paying attention to him for once. He was so excited that he shit his pants right there in the street.