Sunday, October 27, 2013

sup with the devil

There is a new nasty ransomware going around called "Cryptolocker"

More details in the link above.

There is also an old keylogger "Zeus" being used by some Indian hackers, it steals information by Man-in-the-browser keystroke logging. Indeed we have a member here who has detected it on his PC and does not know how to remove it.

Of course supporting a known hacker on his website who uses this keylogger was not a smart move on his part.

Please everyone take care and keep your AV's up to date.

BirdOPrey5 posted that he was infected with it. The self confessed hacker/spammer Chandra who he is supporting on his website uses such keyloggers etc.
did you mean it was purposely done to them? lol
2+2 = 5. 17 x 224 = 92
I was accused of not understanding the word " IRONY" LOL. And math. LOL.

It is very naive of Joe to think he can sup with the devil and not be affected. The devil dos not serve very good meals so you leave hungry. It's terrible.
I can also help him to remove it, but he has forbidden me from contacting him by email as he is so afraid of the truth. And tired of me being a colossal dick.

I would not wish anyone to have all his private details stolen, so I hope you can help him, although I am sure that by now a certain Malayalam Indian from Kerala has all Joes private details safely stored away for use against him later.

Just for the record in case there is any misunderstanding, I have no need to do this sort of thing as I already have all (or most) of Joes details and am happy to spread them all over the web like an insane asshole.