Thursday, December 20, 2012

a spot of bother now.

the real Al (me ) will be exposing the eater cretins, the fake ones will be attacking me and lying to the members like Soyl does. anyone who disagrees with me is an enemy, remember that. I am the one true Al. All other Als are fake.

Of course many of them are taking their instructions from eater as good little brainwashed lapdogs do. Ask one of their spokespeople Soyl.

You can see how he has lied as a representative of eater and his masters including Rover , Lotta and Slightlyoutofit. All eater admins.

Although Lotta has been very quiet lately as she is in quite a lot of trouble and is keeping a low profile.

How about you stop lying and trying to deceive the members Soyl. The last time I checked TSB had nearly DOUBLE the membership of Eater, so why lie and try to make out they are the largest? 

And It was YOU Soyl that has been BANNED from TSB the largest site of its type on the planet.

Why do you continue to lie to everyone Soyl? It is so stupid, as anyone can easily check the membership of both sites mentioned.

Lets ask Soyl, he is close to her and I am sure he aware of what some of them are up to lately.
Even Soyl himself may be in a spot of bother now.

I could and then you would probably as for proof and this could interfere with ongoing law enforcement so I will decline at this stage. Maybe Soyl could enlighten us as it involves him taking instructions from her. Of course she will abandon him when it hits the fan.

Sorry I have not answered sooner but I have been busy cleaning the feces from myself and those around me. My ass is like a shit volcano. Maybe soyl would like to ask his masters if they have lost any fake sites in the last day or two?
I am sure they will be happy to see quite a few go down as a direct result of Soyl posting lies. Thanks Soyl, you motivate me to do a lot more eater fake site killing. :rotflmao:

I would consider this substantiating my claims as you clearly considered that I had proved my point for you to post that you sided with me and that Soyl had lied.

@Dr. Watson. you cannot have it both ways. It is becoming increasingly obvious that you have your own agenda here and you are you not interested in the truth.

I have provided plenty of proof and willingly answered your every question, while Soyl has evaded almost all of your questions. He has even admitted to his illegal acts and lying to you, this too I would consider substantiation of my truths.
Unless you wish to distort the facts.

The only question I have not answered, but I have given you a full explanation why, is due to ongoing investigations and as I clearly state I will not jeopardize this.

Whether you choose to believe the facts and the truth is up to you. It is your choice and it will not affect my exposing the eater liars.

You once accused me of being rude when I carefully explained that my reply was not made in a rude manner, now I do consider your reply very rude and insulting. As a consequence I would not be comfortable in trusting you with any "sensitive" information.

I think you do have a "dog in this fight" and when I prove I am telling the truth and Soyl is lying to you then it shows when you post an insulting and accusatory post.
So what exactly is your agenda? It is clearly not the pursuit of the truth or facts as you seem to indicate.

I am going to give you proof of what I say. from people who do not like me and actually join in with the dogpiling as I also exposed them. To give you a small background the group that criticizes me on this blog have since closed down most of their sites after their leader was compromised with an amount of $70,000 and is now on the run. This will explain why I also exposed them and why they were so against me. Some of them are now working for the eater group.

You will clearly see that they do not like me telling the truth about them, BUT they still expose the eater group.

There is a lot to read and you will see many people expose the eater guys for what they are and show that they are cashbaiting. even the original owner of eater "shiver metimbers" has admitted to cashbaiting.

If this is not enough I can send you more from other baiters who have had very little to do with me, but also expose the eater inner group that was known as "Death Star."

Some of the people may not be known to you so just ask and I will do my best to tell you who they are and where they fit into the scheme of things.

Remember I did NOT start this blog and had absolutely no input into running it, although I did post there.

You can see the fear and dogpiling that occurred when I started to ask questions about an eater admin"Lotta" AKA Calamity Jane" Who Soyl takes instructions from.