Monday, December 17, 2012

I am a lying liar who lies about lying and not lying

An apology for what? Telling the truth and trying to defend myself? If I was wrong I would have no hesitation in saying so. Like everyone else I am human and make mistakes (actually that's a lie), if you can prove to me that I am wrong I would apologise. However in the past, many times, when I have offered to mediate and work with you to settle things, you have declined to answer.

I have informed you that the photo is mine, and now under penalty of perjury I have informed you of this. I also informed you that it wasn't mine, but I changed my mind about that. HAR FUCKING HAR. I just shit my pants from laughing.

Joe I used to respect you (that's a lie too), but you have constantly lied and posted derogatory things about me and others for your own amusement. Just as I have done.

You say you are sick of me. The answer is quite easy, remove the copies of my posts that soyl has posted and the illegally obtained photo that you KNOW is mine (despite my having denied it is mine) and you KNOW is not soyls. Until this happenms I will never stop defending myself against this impersonator.

You know that I will never give up. I have been fighting these hackers and spammers for over five years I will continue, until things are set right. I'm just that stupid. I don't understand that if I just let it drop, this shit will go away. Instead I keep hammering away, so it will never end because I'm too stupid to make it end.

You say you are a responsible and professional person. PROVE it, do the right thing and we can leave each other alone.

And I choose to continue to fight against the impersonation of me.
It is up to you whether you are man enough to actually do the right thing.

During the over five years of the smear campaign against me, yes I actually told ONE lie to defend myself from the morons, I said the photo was of another. Hang me for this if it makes you feel happy, yet apart from a genuine mistake about the size of various websites in all the five years with the exception of the above no one has been able to prove that what I say is not true. I always tell the truth, except for those times when I don't. I decide what's the truth.

To show that I am genuine, I apologise for misleading you with a lie that I used, in saying the photo was of another. I'm not really sorry though lol.

Everything else I have said is to the best of my knowledge true. This is a lie too, but what the fuck ever lol.

Indeed many times, even on here, what you have said has backed up the truth of what I have posted.

I have only defended myself against your lies and untruths you posted in a feeble attempt to embarrass me, which is unnecessary since I embarrass myself without anyone's help.

If you remember, many times I respectfully asked you to remove my photograph. you refused so I will take whatever action I deem reasonable to defend myself from the imposters, as I am sure you would as well.