Tuesday, February 4, 2014

the public bath house

I know why everyone is friendly and smiling at the public bath house. They are waiting for me to drop the soap.

Then I ROTFLAMAO and shit myself.

Is this what a "cloud site" refers to? What about 'dutch rudder'?

Whats with the title colours changing? Green, blue and then green ?

This reminds me of the actions of an admin I know who allows his website to used for exactly this purpose.
He even allows the personal details, photos of an innocent mans house and photos of an innocent mans wife to be posted on his site.

That attitude speaks for itself.

I agree with this. Too many times an admin will have a bias towards one member to the disadvantage of another. This is obviously wrong and will lead to disenchantment.

Could this be a result of many of the good skillful guys leaving AFI like the contents of my bowels leaving through my bunghole? Think of a firehose to get the image. It's like that except instead of water it is liquid feces.

And that is why everyone is smiling in the public bath house. I drop the soap, then ROTFLAMAO and then spray people with my inexhaustible supply of poo.