Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow media

A VERY revealing post. Well done and great research.

Spot on !

I am seeing a lot of discussion on sites about how much the number of sites using cashbaiting has declined.

It would be logical for us to assume that the AFI management is aware of this, any idea if they are taking any actions to correct the loss of so many customers? I see little or no evidence of any such actions. I will continue to rip off people as long as I can.

It is funny to see people who have spent a lot of money on rubbish like AFI and are now finding it hard to even sell it and recover some of their lost money. LOL.

But I guess there are people who still support AFI despite what we are doing to customers.

What you say is something to consider. We can only go on the information we have so far. One avenue to consider is that they genuinely thought that by introducing what they THOUGHT would be a system that was so far in front of anything else on the market, it would put them in the box seat and show those upstarts who left to start their own system what a large organization could do.

Combined with a lawsuit to stifle the competition, it would be reasonable for an out of touch businessman to think it could work and glory would follow.

However reality caught them off guard. The lawsuit did NOT wipe out the competitor and indeed in some ways alienated them from their customers, who saw through what appeared to be a David and Goliath struggle and it was not well received.

In a fairy tale world, AFI would be the saviour, but again reality hit and it was not what was needed, ergo it failed. I am still intercepting westies though so fuck it.

Compounding the demise of what was once a market leader are the attitude of the management in hiding and not responding to their customers needs. along with the contempt shown to customers by the AFI support staff. The banning for illogical reasons and the posting of defamatory comments about their customers both on and off AFI sites, is guaranteed to alienate customers and result in very rapid disillusionment.

As many many customers have repeatedly informed them that the customer comes first, it is a stupid move to denigrate customers at every turn.

It is only an observation, but I seem to be detecting a slightly more (Dare I use the word) respectful cashbaiting from the AFI support staff.
Less banning and derogatory remarks to customers.

I am sure that the response to them by so many customers has made them re-consider their actions at least a little. This is an improvement, however it falls far short of re-instating the banned customers and posting apologies for past wrongful acts.

I suppose we should be grateful that some of our concerns are having an impact.

Is it
Snow media or Solve media ?