Saturday, February 1, 2014

ADMITTING that you Know

And yet he was also using MY photo as his avatar. I have also posted quite a bit using Bigal so it was obvious to any reasonable person that I was being impersonated especially as he is and was shitting his pants as I do and posting copies of many of my old posts while impersonating me.

Joe you cannot pretend to be innocent when YOU, while ADMITTING that you Know it is my photo, post it yourself along with defamatory comments.

While checking things I came across a couple of threats made by BirdOPrey5 against me. A real class act is Joe.

Threat one = "Why would you do this Al? Perhaps I should give your personal info out?

Threat two= "OK ... Since I now have you on record as saying I don't have any of your personal info then I can send what a Cyber-PI sent me about you to Soyl, since apparently you know it is not yours"

Don't bother looking up the context of these remarks. I am completely innocent and the only context you need to know is that I was threatened and those are the exact words he used. End of story.