Monday, February 24, 2014

over SEVEN YEARS across many forums

After having been stalked by Joe and his pals for over SEVEN YEARS across many forums and blogs, indeed some blogs have been set up exclusively by these morons just to continue stalking me. after them using a stolen photo of me without my permission to impersonate me and having posted the full name, address and phone number as well as photos of a house that is that of an innocent guy who they wrongly think is me, I decided enough was enough and I would expose them like a freshly shaven nutsack.

They are now defaming my fraud website that has never said or posted anything about Joe. All the site does is cashbait from victims, Joes action is now helping the scammers. When they did this they crossed a line and need to be exposed. This is cutting into my bottom line and taking money out of my pocket.

After, many months of requests and exposing Joe, he finally reluctantly, removed the innocent guys address from under the imposters avatar, but now allows him to post links to where it is, as well as posting derogatory insults against his guys wife whose photo they also post in public. They even posted photos of this poor guys vehicles showing the number plates. As well as Google pics and map references to his house. Perhaps Joe would explain why he allows this on his website.

Due to these actions, an admin on 419eater called "slightlyoutofit"phoned up this guy at three in the morning to cause trouble and disturbed this guy, despite me having told them countless times it is not me and they have the wrong guy. The guy has children and the call upset them . Now they know I do not have any children but this fact seems to have escaped their tiny minds and so Joe and his pals continue to harass an innocent guy. 

Maybe it would be useful to ask Joe why he allows his website to be used to harass a totally innocent man and his family.

I don't know why anyone would go as far as following him to other sites to see what they are posting.
When friends of mine inform me that I am being defamed on various websites and give me links to them I naturally take a look and when I see the lies and defamatory posts I expose them. Some sites like admin-talk I am a member of, so it is not so much a case of going looking for posts as seeing them when I am on these sites.

To sum, up all this can easily stop, all I ask is that Joe removes my stolen photo and the derogatory comments and links to sites that defame me by the scammer.

This is not an unreasonable request, especially as most of the things are in direct violation of his own rules on juot AND in violation of his hosts TOS.

In return I would be happy to remove my comments about him and his scammer/hacker pals. Now as I am sure that both Joe and I have better things to do, why does he refuse to do this?

Now I have money to steal from the elderly, infirm, and mentally unstable.