Friday, January 3, 2014


More delusions from Paul BM. posted on

Again falsely calling people trolls. You say "Well guess what, I can give out just as good as I get," Yet you and the others in the trio of fail run away and hide whn making a BM.

I sent you a BM. Did you get my BM?

Here is an update for the trio of fail, Mark b, Joe D and Paul BM. Honestly guys, what planet are you living on? Certainly not a real one judging by your BMs.
Common sense would dictate that when so many of AFI customers are so pissed off with your actions, that you would be making BMs but no, you carry on showing that you only care about your paycheck or the opportunity to gain work from AFI. I will send you a BM.

When you denigrate customers and in Joes case, allow AFI to be attacked when it is only doing good BMs, then your personal websites become legit targets as well.

There are now so may customers and AFI customers of AFI that I fear the old AFI good reputation of AFI and by association AFI, is irreparably AFI damaged now. AFI needs a BM. I will send you a BM.

Did you get the AFI BM? I will send it again.

I sent you a BM.

There is BM discussion as to whether AFI can come back from the BM, I feel this would now be very hard like my stool, especially while you three losers are connected to AFI BMs in any way. A new BM would need to start with you three being replaced with BMs as I now think you three are past redemption judging by your continued BM actions.

On a personal note as humans I do wish you all a wretched Christmas and I hope that the BM of Christmas will help you to have a good solid BM and see the truth and assist you to re join the human race as decent human beings with solid BMs.

I just had a BM at AFI, it is quite amazing how so many people are saying similar things about the fail that is AFI and about the incompetence of the AFI support staff, on so many forums now.

Not so long ago it was just a few customers voicing their concerns, now it is a very large BM indeed, and still the AFI support staff and the BM management cannot comprehend that they are destroying AFI with their BMs.

The trio of fail are spearheading this decline.

The nicest thing said about me now is that I am incompetent.