Friday, January 3, 2014

I have forwarded a tiny amount of the BM I have.

The only thing that would get back up and running is if they really wanted to make a BM and had a determination to do it.
Sadly all indications are that they want it to fail, probably so they can concentrate on other areas that make more BMs.

A bad scenario for all the BM customers and employees, some who have already been "let go" how many will follow is open for debate.

Hostgator does not enjoy a good reputation and personally my experience with them has not been good. They did not want my BM.

Welcome Zoom6. Good to see you here. I sent you an AFI BM. :thumbsup:

BM sent thanks. I have copies of BMs, messages, posts and some admissions by those involved.

Did you get my BM?

I can PROVE the lies posted by you know who in his OWN words.

I have forwarded a tiny amount of the BM I have. I am willing to send more if you wish. Please ask about any of it if you are uncertain, I will not hide or run away when questioned as I am only posting the truth on AT.