Thursday, January 23, 2014

Defamed by an impostor at

Once again I am being defamed and harassed by an impostor posing as me, Big Al, aka Alan James Watson, aka De Master Yoda of, who is claiming to be defamed by an impostor. This is defamation. When impostors defame impostors supported by admins supported by scammers, where will it all end? I help scam victims in 8 languages at antifraudintl. 8 fucking languages! Can you believe that? That's a lot of languages. I do not help any Indians though Fuck those guys. When I see an Indian getting scammed, I intercept the Westy and take their money myself. Seriously, fuck those guys.

I said I had proof here is some of it. I stated that BirdOPrey5 posted a copy of my photo without my permission. By the way the links go to blogs etc that the scammer has set up again to impersonate me. The image was stolen from my PC by a hacker using a keylogger. The scammer even sent me an email boasting about it.. Strange that BirdOPrey5 and Chandra have access to it! He crossed the line when he posted the utter rubbish about me sending the image to a young girl with daddy issues. But this only shows how far he has been compromised now.
I think that this may be the first time I have personally ever posted my image on the internet. AL.

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The following links are not really the loon known as Big Al but he doesn't like them.

Follow @BigDumbAl on Twitter and learn about his daily adventure trying to reach the bathroom before he poops his pants.

Read up on Big Al on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

View the image he sent to someone he thought was a young girl with daddy issues:


Or maybe he didn't. He has sworn to both sides of that story. 4cf3af716ce5d5e3b37ddeee0b4bba9f._.gif 

Here is a copy of a post by a senior (at the time) of Juot backing up what I say. I did not know this guy.

In the posts that follow, I hope to expose the unethical practises of a once good admin that has been compromised and now works for the scammers and hackers and does as he is told by them, to the detriment of everyone.

I have lots of proof of what I say and I hope to be able to post much of it here.