Sunday, July 14, 2013

the time I gave out my password

As I was a victim of a keylogger by some low life hacker who stole my photograph to use when he impersonated me and who also stole the password to my blog.
I am now using Sophos on any pc I use. Yes there some lowlife hackers and scammers who will steal from you if they can.
They will even post lies saying the password was given out, a total load of crap of course but there are those who believe them. Like the time I gave out my password and got fucked--did not expect that. The fact that there was never a keylogger on my computer is irrelevant. I had to make up that story to cover up my utter stupidity. It hasn't worked yet, but maybe one day people will forget that I willingly gave out my name, address, photograph, and password to somebody and then got royally fucked. Rather than admit that, I will continue on with the story of being hacked.
Now, who wants my password?