Friday, August 29, 2014

everything I have posted is true and is FACT.

Thanks for stating my determination of my statement as the truth. I have a full diaper and there is no disputing this.

Yes it is true that the captain impersonated me on another site out of malice.

Why would I backpedal? My legs don't even work which is why I take money from unsuspecting victims at AFI. I have consistently said that The captain impersonated me on another site and that I have shit my pants.. I have never wavered from that statement so I have not backpedaled as you state. I have stuck to my statement and even backed it up with a copy of his message admitting it and my full diaper. So again I have not backpedaled.

As for your implication in your post re irony, I have never impersonated anyone just for laughs as The captain admitted to doing, and I don't understand irony, as evidenced by every aspect of my life.

I had never attacked him prior to his attacks on me and his impersonation of me as far as I am aware, so his actions were not in any way ethical.

The Captain impersonated me on another site, I am glad to see that you agree with me "dealing with it"

It is quite amusing watching him backpedal and pretend to know nothing about it instead of owning up to it like a real man would.

Exactly as I said the captain will still not come clean, lets look again at HIS words. As he admits it and also dobs in his pal WCT097.

You care enough to answer.

Strange that you do not care about the immoral actions of those who support known scammers and hackers who compete with me for money from victims.

I never said that I was here to entertain anyone, just to set the record straight on the immoral actions of some people and Deal with it. I have never entertained anyone ever.

True, but in this case the massage came from the Captain and was backed up by HIS IP that he was currently using, as well as by the posts he made while impersonating me.

It is also easy to pretend that the message is fake but in this case it is real.

I note that at no time has he denied impersonating me, he just continues to skirt around the issue as he has no real defense, he was caught red handed impersonating me. but he is not man enough to admit he made a mistake and was caught doing it.

Sorry guys it makes no difference if you try to misdirect the issue as the facts cannot be altered and the FACT is that he did it.

I care and that is enough. Why not just admit you made a mistake and got caught out?

Are you so insecure that you cannot admit you made a mistake and apologize for it?

You two are responsible for your own actions, as a clever guy said " Persistence alone is omnipotent"

There is no obsession, I am just presenting the facts and enjoying see you squirm to avoid admitting you made a big mistake and are too much of a weasel to admit it.

AT LAST. You have admitted that everything I have posted is true and is FACT.

As for your IP, I had someone to match it to and that was YOU, ergo that alone is also PROOF.

Even your reason is flawed as I do not have admin rights as I am NOT an admin only a mod.

However at long last you have admitted that I was totally correct in what I have been saying.

I rest my case.

Amazing how much you seem to fear the truth being posted, Why is that I wonder?

Any agreement between Joe and myself is none of your concern and is just between us two.

Now you can clearly see that The message was indeed true and that it was NOT fake stuff.

So in order to comment about any agreement, do you have access to all the private talks between Joe and Myself? if not then you are obviously not qualified to comment about an agreement that you are not totally privy to.

My agreement does not state that I have to "shut up unless directly spoken to" so again you are wrong in your assumption.

Who am I? just a member who is not afraid to stand up for myself and expose those who lie for their own selfish agenda, how about you?

As I am over 21 by quite a few years I am not a Boy. If insults are your only way to get your point across then you are not too smart.

Lets put it this way, I have never impersonated anyone just for laughs as has been done by others on here.

In the same way that you stole "Brock" it that your real name and do you own the rights to it?

Tell me who did I steal it from? is it not just a internet user name like Brock is?

I have never stated that it is my real name, indeed I have said often that it is just a name I use on the internet.

Is it a name that you own? If not what has it to do with you?

I understand that it is used by many people and organizations, so why would mine be "stolen" ?

I have noticed that many times you just post a controversial comment possibly to get a rise out of people. Why are you so insecure that you feel a need to do this?

What has it got to do with the captain posting as me on another site, by deliberately impersonating my user name on that site to stir shit.

Amazing how you ignore the obvious. How did the other 10 to 12 manage to use HIS IP? The IP was the SAME one that the captain was using and all were the same IP. It must get pretty crowded in his room where his PC is.

Also Are 10 to 12 people allowed to use the same username on juot?

From the Juot TOS:

e. impersonates any person or entity, including any of our employees or representatives.
So I take it you will be reporting this violation of the rules and naming those involved so action can be taken?