Saturday, August 23, 2014

some sites like "The Ranter and encyclopedia dramatica

Trolls can fall into may categories. The main ones seem to be the ones who spam websites with their links to what are many times shady websites, they are in fact stealing YOUR bandwidth for their own benefit and quick action is needed by the mods to stop them from taking over. falls into this category.
In my observation it has been increasingly common and acceptable for younger guys to bust each others balls in social settings, and say random offensive things to get reactions out of each other.

This is one thing but when they move along to defame OTHERS for laughs then this is wrong and needs to be stopped.

Especially when some sites like "The Ranter and encyclopedia dramatica as well as others, do not allow the victim to reply or dogpile on anyone who tries to defend themselves, included in that abuse is the allowing certain "inner core" members to impersonate the said victims and continue to defame them by posting altered copies of the victims posts out of context.

Some blame must be allocated to admins who knowingly allow these "trolls" to impersonate their other members and guests.

Where is a line drawn? This type of 'Trolling" can lead to bullying and suicide for the victims There has been over 90 suicides by victims of some 'Purge' Groups and this is where some of these spammers bully people just for laughs.

There has been a lot of pants shitting too, which no one wants to talk about, but I will. I've got a full load in there right now as a matter of fact.

Dos this mean that all the members will be treated equally, and that I will no longer be discriminated against and will be allowed to copy and paste from other websites like every one else can, without my posts being deleted? Will I be allowed to talk about my pantload?

As we now have a new owner, can I take it that as long as it does not violate any rules I can copy and paste in the same way that every one else can? and can I now use the name of a certain member (He who cannot be named) without being banned for it, as has been the case so far?

In other words, am I allowed to defame someone else in the same way that I complain about? I just want to do the exact thing I accuse others of.

I would appreciate the site being run in a fair way as you have said you will try to do so, and that everyone will be treated equally.

I have 1,057 posts, 399 likes and 762 trophy points. And definitely over one full diaper.